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As exam results come flooding in, and university places get snapped up by a fresh batch of young undergrads, a clear sense of optimism hangs in the air, and rightly so. For new students the prospect of living away from home and finding new friends is a scary but exciting an

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If you’re struggling with finding the best university to go to and those league tables have left you confused, then do not worry. Beneath is a list of the top 10 universities in the UK, based on a multitude of ratings based on entry standards, student satisfaction, research qu

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Whether you’re beginning Uni for the first time or back for another year, joining societies can have a big impact on your college experience. There are societies in Unis all over the UK to suit even the wildest of interests. Here are some of the most bizarre ones we’ve come ac

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If you didn’t get the results you wanted today you may feel like a desperate ex trying to get somebody to take you back after a breakup with all the desperate phone calls you have to make.

But this isn’t a one way street – more than ever unis are desperate to attract

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Results are finally here and it’s nerve-wracking if you don’t have the results you hoped for. This is no time for despair, however - clearing is here to give you another chance at living the uni life.

Clearing is available on UCAS and allows you to apply for any

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Believe it or not, some of the most successful people in the world did not attend university. So here are some industries which have proven that you don’t always need a degree to succeed.

In Film

Many famous actors such as Al Pacino, Tom H
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A student loan may be able to help with rent but when it comes to fashion, it doesn’t go very far! Here are 8 tips and tricks for shopping and styling to ensure you look great for those 9 am lectures and those fun nights.

1. Get Thrifty

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In July, home secretary Theresa May introduced a bill that significantly changed the rules for international students studying in the UK on a Tier 4 visa. If you're starting university this year, here are some of the rules you should be aware of:

1. In November, the

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In case you haven’t heard, #FielWorkFails is all the rage on Twitter right now. For any science students who are worried they might not have what it takes for a career in science, or for anybody anxiously awaitin

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After plenty of research (and perpetually full phone storage) AFS has developed its 2015 recommendations for the best free apps on the market that simplify student life. Read on below for our top 8.

1. Any.Do

Available for free on  

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Freshly graduated from university, the world is your oyster but the excitement quickly turn into fear when applying for jobs, going to interviews or even planning your travels. Whether you are struggling with job hunting, suck at interviews or are poorly organised for your tra

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By Amy Moore Legendary nightclub ‘The Willow’ on Coney Street has decided to close its doors this Sunday. In business for 79 years, the York nightclub was always a ‘go to’ place for students. It provided a unique atmosphere and cheap prices. Owner Mr. Fong has turned 70 an
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Photo Credit: University of Michigan By Isabel Whiteley So now you’ve graduated and your university life is at an end. What now? New research says it only takes on average three and a half months to find a graduate job after graduation. But you can speed up your grad job s
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Photo Credit: Juhan Sonin By Isabel Whiteley Summer time usually means breaks from uni and living it up but summer jobs can also be a good way to spend your days. Here are our top tips on finding a summer job. 1. Decide what you need Do you have enough time
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Photo Credit: HM Treasury By Isabel Whiteley The new budget has been out for a week now and we’re going to start feeling the repercussions soon. What does this new budget mean for students? The most damning item on there is that maintenance grants are a thing of the past
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By Amy Moore Think you have it tough living in your student accommodation? At least it’s not a tent. Evan Eames spent an entire year camping in a back garden to save on living costs! The Masters student, already paying £20,000 in international tuition fees, decided to camp
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By Amy Moore In the middle of summer, students can often feel stumped on what to do with their countless hours of free time. To keep you from getting bored, why not reminisce on some of your favourite childhood programmes and relive the good old days. Here are a list of some o
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By Ellie McCaldin If you’re graduating this summer you’ve probably heard the dreaded question – ‘so what are you going to do now’ – upwards of 100 times by now. Luckily there’s good news for those who may currently be feeling apprehensive about their future prospects. Recent j
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By Rachel Shapiro If you’re starting uni in September, you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness right now. I know—I’ve been there. When I was about to start uni, I was worried about a million different things and had a ton of questions. Here are six thin
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By Amy Moore Either to prevent failing or just for the thrill of it, there are plenty of students out there cheating in exams. One in ten students cheated in their exams this year according to a report published by The Student Room. The report also showed that 50% of students fr
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By Amy Moore Getting that 2:1 or 1st has become a matter of life or death and it is often be hard to imagine how your life will turn out if you fail to make the grade. Some employers say “don’t bother applying, you graduate with a 2:2". But, all is not lost as there are many fam
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Photo Credit: kitschbitch (Creative Commons) By Amy Moore For most students exam season is a distant, yet bitter memory by now. However, during this time certain universities participated in rather unusual traditions. Apparently, some traditions are to relieve stress, yet so
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Exam season is well and truly upon us. As students suffer, social media once again brings to light the best and worst of question papers. From the GCSE #EdexelMaths howler to mistakes in A Level Physics, and “impossible" university finals, here’s our round up of the five hardest
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Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi By Isabel Whiteley It’s summer and that means it’s time for some of the hottest festivals to kick off. Whether you’re a festival newbie or a veteran our top tips will be sure to help you out. 1. Pack a few layers of clothing It may be sum
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By Sam Dumitriu 10 gap year tourists are facing jail after posing nude on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. A local politician has accused the group of ‘angering the gods’ and causing an earthquake that killed 18 people. Mount Kinabalu where the tourists posed nude is beli
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By Sam Dumitriu Students in Fallowfield have done it again. According to Greater Manchester Police, they shut down an epic party this weekend attended by an estimated 1000 students. To put that into perspective even if you put 500 people in the garden, that'd s
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By Anna Phillips If you are one of the many students this summer getting ready to enjoy your last few weeks at university forever, you might be feeling pretty sad to be leaving. Maybe you’re mourning the loss of being able to take casual trips to the pub at 3pm and sleep past
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The run up to summer can be one of the most stressful times of the academic year. Not only are you worrying about exams, deadlines, and getting your summer sorted; but you’ve also got to worry about moving out of your rented student home and getting your deposit back. There can b
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By Anna Philips These 5 websites will save students time and money. Here are our picks for the 5 websites that every student should know.

This is the go-to site
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By Anna Phillips It’s about that time of the year when you’ll have to start thinking about moving out of your student house. If you’ve ever rented before, you’ll know how difficult it often is to get all of your money back, as landlords can occasionally push the boundaries of
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Photo Credit: Jason McElweenie By Isabel Whiteley Two weeks ago 20-year-old student Mhairi Black won her seat in Paisley and Renfrewshire South, becoming Britain’s youngest MP since 1667. With the end of the academic year looming, you may or may not have similar accomplis
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By Isabel Whiteley With exams, deadlines and dissertations sucking up all your time you may think an all-nighter is the answer. Why waste hours sleeping when you could use it to cram more revision in? But it’s not that simple. Recent research has shown that sleep and memor
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By Sarah Rousseau 1. Switch up your study space A new environment can help you hold information. Try switching it up by going to different study spaces, a friend’s house or take advantage of the different spaces in your home. 2. Chew gum Studies have sh
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By Amy Moore You’re nearly there. Those awful assignments are almost done and all that’s left is some last minute cramming for exams. When you’re done, you will immediately feel free and fabulous. The feeling of an elephant being lifted off your shoulders. Yet after a day, you
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By Rachel Shapiro Summer break is coming up, and for many students that means it’s time for an international holiday. Whether you’re inter-railing through Europe, exploring the beaches of Southeast Asia, or backpacking through South America, these tips will help you make the mos
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I am sure that if I asked you what the main benefit international students bring to the UK, you’d mention cash. International students bring in major £££ for our universities but what do you, as a fellow student get from it? Well, a brand new survey asked prospective students wha
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By Rachel Shapiro So you procrastinated for too long and now you have an essay due tomorrow that you haven’t started yet. You know what that means: it’s time for an all-nighter. Here’s how to get through your all-nighter in one piece. Pace Your Coffee Intake The c
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By Amy Moore What’s the real reason that you get out of bed and go to college? Education yeah? Let’s face it, there is only one reason you torture yourself going to that quantitative methods module. You go to spy on that particular specimen who has taken your fancy. Did you kn
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By Rose Malleson Festivals are a highlight of the British summer for many students. And with such a range of different types, there is certainly one to suit every taste — even if Glasto is a bit too muddy for you! Here are some absolutely can’t-miss ones happening this summer
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By Sarah Rousseau 1. Being Messy We’ve all lived with that housemate that doesn’t do their dishes. Having to clean dishes and wipe the sides all before cooking is not fun. But the worst part has to be the denial… “I always do the dishes", “Those crisps packets aren’t
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With the Rugby World Cup fast approaching, Mansion Student warmed up with a special Six Nations competition offering students the chance to win £100 Amazon vouchers if they guessed then correct winning team. The bulk of our entrants were routing for England to win, but one lucky
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By Rose Malleson Students who study humanities can often get a lot of stick for being lazy, doing an easy degree or facing a future of unemployment. But being a humanities student is amazing — and here are five reasons why. 1. I got 99 Problems but a 9am start ain’t one<
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By Amy Moore The job market is getting more and more competitive each year. Employers are looking to hire people with Masters Degrees and PhDs. However, the cost of doing any of these is unaffordable for the majority of students. Yet, don’t give up on the idea as the Governme
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The 2015 Times World Reputation Rankings were recently released, and while many of the top ranked universities aren’t surprising, there are a few unexpected entries on the list. The UK is well represented this year, with twelve universities scoring in the top 100. If you’re curio
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This is now possible with SPiKL, the first language exchange platform for students in the UK. The platform, started by students from the University of York, has just been made available online. is still in the beta version but in a near future it can completely change t
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By Amy Moore Our secondary school years are often a time of experimentation, discovering what our ‘true’ style is. Yet often we go too far and look back a couple of years later wanting to burn every picture we have from our youth. Here are some fabulous looks that went just a
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By Isabel Whiteley Not everything is allowed on campus and many things have been banned over the years. Here are some of the weirdest things banned on campus, from both here and across the pond! Strawpedoing Edinburgh University recently banned Strawpedoing- the a
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Photo Credit: Flickr User SocialIsBetter By Hatti Sudell With the news of Kanye West’s visit to the University of Oxford last week (yes, really, more of that later), we thought we’d dig the dirt on some of the best celebrity appearances at UK institutions. You may have thou
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By Sarah Rousseau 1. The Office (US) Whether you were a fan of the original UK version of the Office or whether you love American comedy and Steve Carrel, this is the show for you. The Office is a mockumentary with an assortment of totally relatable characters that
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By Rachel Shapiro University halls are notorious for being the site of pranks. These are often clever, mostly harmless tricks that give everyone a good laugh. If you’re living in a hall and looking for something to do this April Fool’s Day, use these five pranks as ins
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